Airport Fact Sheet

Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) has one 7500' runway (RWY 4/22) and two 5000' runways (RWY 18/36 and RWY 14/32).

RWY 4/22 RWY 18/36 RWY 14/32
Length 7507' 5000' 5000'
Width 150' 150' 150'
Rwy Edge Lights HIRL HIRL MIRL
Approach Lighting MALSR NA REIL
Instrument Approaches 04: ILS, VOR NDB, ASR, VOR-DME 18: ASR 14: ASR
Instrument Approaches 22: ILS, ASR, VOR, VOR-DME 36: ASR 32: ASR, VOR-DME

Index B ARFF service as outlined in FAR Part 139 provided by the Monroe Fire Department.

Air Traffic Control

MLU TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control) and ATCT (Air Traffic Control Tower) facilities are operated by the Federal Aviation Administration. ATCT hours of operation: 0530-1100L daily.


TOWER 118.9
GRD CON 121.9
CLNC DEL 121.69
ATIS 125.05
APP/DEP 126.9(221-040 Deg.)
118.15(041-220 Deg.)
ILS 109.5
UNICOM 122.95

Fixed Base Operations

Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) has one FBO that provides a variety of services for corporate, charter and general aviation aircraft.

JPS Aviation  •  (318) 387-0222, main office located on the North apron. World Fuel Services provided.

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