Cargo Facilities

Monroe Regional Airport have the capacity of almost 1.8-million tons, and facilities that are fully supported 24 hours a day.

Monroe Regional Airport (MLU)

Monroe Regional Airport covers an area of 2,660 acres (1,076 ha) at an elevation of 79 feet (24 m) above mean sea level. It has three runways with asphalt surfaces: 4/22 is 7,505 by 150 feet (2,288 x 46 m); 14/32 is 4,999 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m); 18/36 is 5,001 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m).[1]

The Monroe Regional Airport has 42,213 aircraft operations, an average of 115 per day: 56% general aviation, 20% military, 13% air taxi, and 11% scheduled commercial. At this time there are 93 aircraft based at this airport: 77% single-engine, 16% multi-engine, and 7% jet.[1]

Currently the third busiest hub in NELA
Capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, largely clustered around the Cargo Terminal
Accommodates both general and specialized cargo
Turnaround of 90 minutes
Rapid transfer time of as little as six hours for full container load movements

Future plans

Construction is being reviewed for a new 40,000 ton cargo facility at Monroe Regional Airport, to better and more efficiently accommodate the freight volumes.

We are making every effort to serve the Monroe community and the travelers - Ron Phillips.