Cargo Parking

Visitors with goods (pickup / delivery)

Dedicated parking slots are available for up to 2 hours. On arrival at the Cargo & Logistics entry gate, present your delivery or pickup documents to security personnel. Once verified, a parking pass will be issued. Parking is free of charge.

Visitors without goods

This directly connects with the Cargo & Logistics Center Parking fees apply.


  • Stakeholders and tenants based in the Cargo & Logistics Center are entitled to an internal operational vehicle pass. Dedicated parking is available for light vehicles and trucks, and is clearly signposted.
  • External operational vehicle pass is for companies not based in the Cargo & Logistics Center, but who have business related to cargo. These include transportation companies, freight forwarders or any government department related to cargo.
  • Agent passes allow agents to park private or operational vehicles in front of their facility.

All these passes are issued once you submit the relevant form and documents. Please click on the relevant category to download the application form. You can fax your application to (318) 329-2599. For more information call the administration office at (318) 329-2460

Passes are valid for a year.

We are making every effort to serve the Monroe community and the travelers - Ron Phillips.